Beautiful sunrays….


O sunrays. …..


Amazingly filtering in through trees

Appearing to dance with the breeze

You bring life into a quiet road

Inspite of no direction or a signboard

Your light warms my heart

You always give the day a jump start

Energy is your second name

Without you nature will be at shame

Feels blessed to just have you around

As you infuse life without a sound !!





A roller coaster I am, typhoon’s the name

None stand in my path, I dictate the game


Wind’s my friend, velocity best buddy

Together we arrive, a match for nobody


In anger I destruct, I know not calm

Keep yourself safe, I won’t bring harm


Capturing me, a nature lover’s delight

Research me, keep safety levels right


Seconds matter, I jolt out of the blue

To teach, never mess with nature true !


Walking thru paths of green

Canopy green, innocent misty sheen

Mind’s smitten, in an indulgent dream


Untread paths, stretch far and long

Calls of distant, sound like a song


Language of innocence, pretty you are

To be with you, its a silent war


My soul lives in you, lost and true

Preferences mine, do rest in you


Be evergreen, till the end of time

In unsaid words, your colours are mine….


Misty musings

Stand atop the hill, crazy wind calls

Greens aplenty, lazy mist enthralls


Float in abandon, feel your soul free

Dew coats every leaf, flower and tree


Whistles for ears, cool cheeks to feel

Eyes moist, each scene’s worth a steal


Chill runs through, a smile emerges

Inhaling life, indulging in soul searches


Rise above the mist, hear melody quiet

Calm invades you, hearts burn bright


Feel nature’s magic alive in your eyes

Indulged, your soul too lets out sighs…





Mountain & Me


Chill air, breath vaporous

Backpack on, willpower adventurous

Whispers of wild invite

The child in me ready for the disastrous


Pumping heart, adrenaline rushes

Blood races through, an emotion gushes

Silence of mountains beckon

To merge into itself, in quiet hushes


Take in wild air, let your soul free

Feel your inner core, smile with glee

Nature knows how to resurrect you

It amazes everytime, just go and see














Seated by a window

Watching rainwater flow

My spirit’s aglow

Enthusiasm on overflow


A smile on my face

Reflects nature’s bounty

Forgetting bad days

Getting on to routine duty


The wind knows my secret

Whistling like an excited egret

Blowing rain helter skelter

Monsoon blows it’s trumphet !









Time by the sea


Salty air, blowing through hair

Wornout emotions, so much despair

Whispering words silent

Spend some time by the sea


Wet sands beckon, footprints talk

Each step’s history as you walk

Feel the rhythm of waves crash free

Spend some time by the sea


Smile away worries, feel the soul’s glee

Something eases in you, that’s for free

Witness waves soothing you gently

Spend some time by the sea


Share secrets with waves

Hear advice of nature’s roaring grace

You return with smiles you see

When you spend time by the sea












Dream visions


The night envelops me

In shadows of black

Heartfelt emotions

Engage back to back


Talks with faint mist

Reveal true secrets

Vaporous soul breathes

Like sleeping egrets


A dull moon peeps

From curtains of grey

Hauntingly weeps

Not knowing what to say


Eyelids droop, sleep lures

Into tentacles of dreams

A mesmerising lullaby cures

In the moon’s velvet weaves