In my words…. A common man’s take on rising prices.

Roz marha ki sukoon ki zindagi na jaane
Kahan ghum ho gayi
Jholi mein sirf chand tukde hi na jaane
Kyon bharti chali gayi

Khareedne chale bazaar se daal
Zubaan par sur and mann mein taal
Haathon mein ek makhmal ka thaila
Aur ek mehekta naram sa rumaal

Bahar nikle toh har dukaan pe lagi thi sale
Tab khabar hui ki budget mein nahi taal mel
Paise bachane ke chakkar mein
Budget ki gaadi aksar ho rahi thi derail

Har shakhs ka chehra kuch gumsum sa
Iss vichaar se mann ho raha tha behaal sa
Ki kya khareedein aur kya chhod dein
Aakhir ghar ki economics ko kaise tod dein

Kuch hasi aa rahi thi
Kuch rona bhi aa raha tha
Mehengai se sabko pareshaan dekhkar
Mujhe bhi paseena aa raha tha 😀

Khareeda kuch jo laga hai zaroori
Chhoda kuch jab mann ne di namanzoori
Jazbaat ko kaabu kar bill bharne gaye
Agli baar lene ki ummeed se ghar aa gaye

Ghar par koi khush toh koi udaas
Nahi mila sabko apna kuch khaas
Kaise samjaate sabko…

Roz marha ki sukoon ki zindagi na jaane
Kahan ghum ho gayi
Jholi mein sirf chand tukde hi na jaane
Kyon bharti chali gayi. ….


The night sky…..

Seated beneath a big banyan tree

The night sky is out there for me to see

Lovely dots of light across the sky

A sight so beautiful that no one can buy

It’s yours it’s mine

A unique gift to us from the divine

I gaze lovingly at the moon

Like it’s calling come to me soon

The little bright dots called stars

Are free to shine and not behind bars

I watch as the moon shifts it’s position

Growing and stunting like some division

It reminds me of my loved one

My heart says it’s only you and no one

A blinking light sometimes streaks across

Maybe a flight crossing the Albatross

Counting the stars I try to sleep

Ya this time I am not counting sheep !

Eyelids are heavy as dreams take over

Pulling me into its streams for a make over

Somewhere a voice calls….cross over…..

But when my eyes open…I know it’s all over !!


My road..

In the silence of the trees

Blows a current called the breeze


Quiet is the road I walk on

It says a story of an era bygone


Leaves rustle as they move under my feet

One or two fall as I leave my seat


No flowers for the eyes to see

No buzz from bees or the nearby tree


Here silence speaks as I move on

The wind whistles as my heart trudges on


No one with me as far as I can see

My mind says that’s fine let it be


I am enjoying this walk that’s so quiet

With a heart on a song and a soul so bright


Life has taught quite a few lessons

Some harsh but worth learning each session


I love the quietness all around me

It explains the goodness of a heart which wants to be free