The night sky…..

Seated beneath a big banyan tree

The night sky is out there for me to see

Lovely dots of light across the sky

A sight so beautiful that no one can buy

It’s yours it’s mine

A unique gift to us from the divine

I gaze lovingly at the moon

Like it’s calling come to me soon

The little bright dots called stars

Are free to shine and not behind bars

I watch as the moon shifts it’s position

Growing and stunting like some division

It reminds me of my loved one

My heart says it’s only you and no one

A blinking light sometimes streaks across

Maybe a flight crossing the Albatross

Counting the stars I try to sleep

Ya this time I am not counting sheep !

Eyelids are heavy as dreams take over

Pulling me into its streams for a make over

Somewhere a voice calls….cross over…..

But when my eyes open…I know it’s all over !!



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