My dream….☺

Far far away in the eons of time

I see a dream as beautiful as how bells chime


Faded is my dream as clouds so white

Still a light in it burns as a soul so bright


Rests here is a vision that’s grown in me

Something that’s pure and a part of me


But it remains enclosed for none to see

Like a promise to someone close who wl stand by me


I call out to this vision many a times

But it eludes me saying these are different times


This vision laughs at my helplessness

Saying be careful and no carelessness


Wish I cud speak out my mind to it

So that my heart really gets over with it


It says its time to move on and let go

Bcos what’s gone is maybe only a vision so


The alarm rings as the morning shines in

The vision is gone with promises deep within


Still my heart smiles when it sings…


Yes my dear

Far far away in the eons of time

U did see a dream as beautiful as how bells chime….





Hangover…. its round the corner!


Groggy eyed after a few drinks

The mind flutters away as it shrinks


Sensations come out by the galore

And feelings sound like some old folklore


The stomach says ok Bro I am done

Now don’t load me more with your fun


Heady is the feeling inside as you enjoy

Friends staying around to ensure more joy


Vodka, rum, beer & whisky still do the round

But deep inside you know that No is the sound


Laughter echoes as friends bond together

We will stay close they promise each other


Glasses clink for the final drink

As they know they cant go over the brink


As the new year party nears it’s end

You have to go home to make mends 😝


The mind insists it needs some good sleep

Cos it has to wake up to the morning beep


Awesome is the time spent with friends

Which you realise as the new year party ends


Going home after it is the hard part

As it’s time for a hangover to start


Memories of the frenzy remains thru the day

As its difficult for all at work to have their say


A knowing grin on everyone’s faces say

New year’s here so lets call it a day


Let’s chill with the lovely hangover

And go in for some mind makeover !!😁










Walking away….


I sit on a stone as I see the sun go down

Making all things look black and brown


An emotion in me has been put to rest

Maybe this was meant for the best


The sky is sombre as my blank face

Eyes moist as I recollect the days


Memories so beautiful as my heart cries

It knows what was said were the last goodbyes


Silence will now speak a thousand words

But it’s better than coming to blows


A painful truth stares straight at my face

Saying it’s over now just forget those days


Something has gone leaving a hole in me

Time will ensure it gets the best from me


Everything looks cold and dark

One look at me and even dogs won’t bark


I leave the place with a heavy heart

Knowing I have to make a real new start


Hiding my emotions I run along the road

Don’t come this way reads the signboard


Slow down dear says a tired mind

Coz life’s calling for its daily grind


Walking away has never been very easy

Unlike the wind thats ever so breezy


But… I move on today with moist eyes

Leaving behind what once was with my last goodbyes…..




Christmas Time ☺

There is a lovely spirit in the air

Yes Christmas is around with a flair


Smiling faces of friends and close ones

Which say you are he Lord’s chosen ones


Holidays here to uplift everyone’s mood

Everyone pitching in to do what’s good


Help from the heart is seen everywhere

Santa says do it child I will soon be there


Cakes, pastries and all yummy things catch the eye

Mouth watering when a kid says momma give me a pie


Christmas trees being decked up in all ways

Accessories adding to the glitz by the day


Flavours of all kinds hit the naughty nose

A smile spreading on the face as if it knows


Winter’s cold not dampening anyone at all

People out there just to have a good ball


Jackets, sweaters and all things nice to see

Fashion too rears its head for a glimpse of what’s to be


Snow spreads its blanket like soft cotton

Cold but ensuring the spirit is not forgotten


Church bells chime as the choir takes over

Ears rhyming and wishing there’s a makeover


Awesome is the feeling in the heart

Which says….yes its indeed Christmas

Which has come to town with a lovely start….



Thru my eyes….

First love……


An ecstasy that runs all through you

A magic that never fails to enthrall you


A glimmer and a sparkle in lost eyes

A longing that never dims with each goodbye


An urge to see ur swthrt day or night

Even though you can’t do it without a fight


A shy smile that never leaves your face

The mirror too saying I know you are counting the days


Waiting for that special message all day

Dancing away when it comes like birds on the bay


Seeing that special face wherever you go

The heart telling the mind I told you so


A suppressed appetite all day long

The stomach urging the heart to sing a song


Hiding your bubbly emotions from friends

And they knowingly helping to make mends


Something that asks all from you

But never returns to make u feel good too


An emotion that never forms a relation

Even if you wait endlessly for a divine intervention


Letting go is what it eventually teaches you

But by then…. It has already killed a big piece of you


None like you My friend…

Written for my friend who never left my side ……this is for u…


You are an eternal memory

Burning bright and never out of sight


How could I ever forget you

When you always stood by me with much delight


Friends have come and friends have gone

But no one has stayed by me this long


If we cud spend a little time together

You wud know my friendship is forever


I cherish the times I get to be with you

Small but you don’t know what it is to be with you


Ur little efforts to see me happy warms my heart

Ensuring my smile blazes on like a dart


Be with me today be with me forever

Feels nice that the Lord has bought us together


Ur memories will always be a gift to me

Beautiful and loving that’s how it should be


Finding you was what makes my heart happy

Ur presence in my life smtms makes it go dizzy


Like me hate me forget me

But don’t let go of something that takes to be me


Bcos… my friend…

I am bcos of you

Like an eternal light

Burning bright but never out of sight








Time for smthng new..?



Watching the sun slowly going down

A gentle breeze eases the face’s frown


Mellow is the mood as orange is the sky

Smiles on everyone’s faces is good not dry


A little boy flips by with a toothless smile

His innocence will surely take him across a mile


With a toy in hand and a voice so shrill

He shouts come on boys let’s get some thrill


Sounds of the kids surround the garden

The scolded ones asking mommy for a pardon


Some play with big round balloons

Some behave like exaggerated cartoons


Twilight takes over from the evening

Bringing out shadows for a meeting


The kids slowly hustle back to their place

A run and a skip and a joy on their face


Legs tired but the spirit longs for more

Saying you are not done there’s lots in store


Everyone looking to the festive season

As holidays give cheer and joyous reason


As Christmas sails past the last few days

We know a new age is staring in our face


The ageing year is slowing coming to an end

With the new year bringing in some new trends…. 😊