A daily scenario…..

Calm is the scene before me

Orange are the clouds passing above me


The day is coming to an end

Lots to finish and lots to mend


I gather myself as the sun says bye

And watch as the moon says a hi


Darkness takes over from light

Bringing shadows to the sight


Dark is the road I am walking on

I hurry as I have work to get on


The moon peeps from the clouds

And lights up my path filled with shrouds


It’s presence is so reassuring to me

Cos that’s what I want it to be


I sing a song to keep myself company

Cos the noise from the grass is too many


I trudge along till I reach where I belong

After waving to a friend saying so long


Calmness gives way to some noise

When I see my kids arguing over a choice


It’s feels good to come back to the mess

Though there’s nothing new to confess


I settle down with some hot tea

With a hope for a new day and peace with me to be…..







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