Sitting on a far stretched beach

I dig into the sand as far as my hands can reach


I try my best to make a sand castle

But waves clean it away after a hustle


A wind blows roughly through my hair

I can smell the wet saltiness in the air


Something is wild about this place

Everything moving at its own pace


The sun shines sharply through the day

Mellowing as it goes down after having its say


Birds fly back high up in the blue sky

Going home after a day’s true try


Friends bring up some stories of cheer

We laugh away with mugs of chilled beer


Episodes of the past also do the rounds

Their laughter is enough to explain its sounds


Memories of dear friends remain close to my heart

Wonder why I didn’t tell them right in the start


As time inches forward we say so long

Though our minds say hey don’t be gone


The night slowly gives way to a new day

Bringing us hope to be shaped like new clay……



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