The wind

In the swaying of the trees

The wind whispers just hear me please


Silence is what it gives me in return

When I question is it your turn


Sometimes hot sometimes it blows cold

But it still conveys what is to be told


Abandonment is in its nature

Like a free spirit with no stature


It has an aura of something far away

Something that says please don’t go away


It stays with me as I walk along the park

Being quietly loyal as I finish my mark


I feel it’s heat when it stays around me

A feeling that asks will you be with me


Cold is what I feel when it strays away

Never warm when it says I am going away


It speaks a language that lifts up your soul

Soothing yet something that makes you feel whole


It’s awesome power is there for you to see

Like it’s saying don’t ever mess with me


The child in me wants to be like it

Free, lively and nothing to confront it


My thoughts on it turn to bang reality

When in silence it asks for a friendship surety


And it says…….just hear me out please





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