Morning musings

On a wintry morning in a flowery field

I wander along on soft grass as my leg’s shield


Crisp is the sunlight streaming in

Loud laughter of kids comes beaming in


Everyone has a lovely smile on their face

As if this is one of their best days


Dewdrops have settled on fresh leaves

Few will dry up as the day heaves


My heart races as I see flying butterflies

Singing that silly song on chilli fries


Flowerbuds bloom in the nearby shrub

Bees hover about to catch their daily grub


Fragrance of flowers wafts thru the air

Bring in only good cheer and no despair


A little stream runs through lively but cold

Every drop important to life as if it’s sold


My mind is relaxed as I breathe in fresh air

Reassuring me that life is indeed a little fair


Minutes turn into hours as I wander on

I have to go but my heart says stay on


With a song and a smile on my face

I run on as the day gathers pace


My mood is rejuvenated like dreams

Like walking on golden watery streams


But yes…I will return to wander again

On the flowery field

With the soft grass as my leg’s shield….šŸ˜Š







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