Time for smthng new..?



Watching the sun slowly going down

A gentle breeze eases the face’s frown


Mellow is the mood as orange is the sky

Smiles on everyone’s faces is good not dry


A little boy flips by with a toothless smile

His innocence will surely take him across a mile


With a toy in hand and a voice so shrill

He shouts come on boys let’s get some thrill


Sounds of the kids surround the garden

The scolded ones asking mommy for a pardon


Some play with big round balloons

Some behave like exaggerated cartoons


Twilight takes over from the evening

Bringing out shadows for a meeting


The kids slowly hustle back to their place

A run and a skip and a joy on their face


Legs tired but the spirit longs for more

Saying you are not done there’s lots in store


Everyone looking to the festive season

As holidays give cheer and joyous reason


As Christmas sails past the last few days

We know a new age is staring in our face


The ageing year is slowing coming to an end

With the new year bringing in some new trends…. 😊










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