None like you My friend…

Written for my friend who never left my side ……this is for u…


You are an eternal memory

Burning bright and never out of sight


How could I ever forget you

When you always stood by me with much delight


Friends have come and friends have gone

But no one has stayed by me this long


If we cud spend a little time together

You wud know my friendship is forever


I cherish the times I get to be with you

Small but you don’t know what it is to be with you


Ur little efforts to see me happy warms my heart

Ensuring my smile blazes on like a dart


Be with me today be with me forever

Feels nice that the Lord has bought us together


Ur memories will always be a gift to me

Beautiful and loving that’s how it should be


Finding you was what makes my heart happy

Ur presence in my life smtms makes it go dizzy


Like me hate me forget me

But don’t let go of something that takes to be me


Bcos… my friend…

I am bcos of you

Like an eternal light

Burning bright but never out of sight









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