Thru my eyes….

First love……


An ecstasy that runs all through you

A magic that never fails to enthrall you


A glimmer and a sparkle in lost eyes

A longing that never dims with each goodbye


An urge to see ur swthrt day or night

Even though you can’t do it without a fight


A shy smile that never leaves your face

The mirror too saying I know you are counting the days


Waiting for that special message all day

Dancing away when it comes like birds on the bay


Seeing that special face wherever you go

The heart telling the mind I told you so


A suppressed appetite all day long

The stomach urging the heart to sing a song


Hiding your bubbly emotions from friends

And they knowingly helping to make mends


Something that asks all from you

But never returns to make u feel good too


An emotion that never forms a relation

Even if you wait endlessly for a divine intervention


Letting go is what it eventually teaches you

But by then…. It has already killed a big piece of you



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