Christmas Time ☺

There is a lovely spirit in the air

Yes Christmas is around with a flair


Smiling faces of friends and close ones

Which say you are he Lord’s chosen ones


Holidays here to uplift everyone’s mood

Everyone pitching in to do what’s good


Help from the heart is seen everywhere

Santa says do it child I will soon be there


Cakes, pastries and all yummy things catch the eye

Mouth watering when a kid says momma give me a pie


Christmas trees being decked up in all ways

Accessories adding to the glitz by the day


Flavours of all kinds hit the naughty nose

A smile spreading on the face as if it knows


Winter’s cold not dampening anyone at all

People out there just to have a good ball


Jackets, sweaters and all things nice to see

Fashion too rears its head for a glimpse of what’s to be


Snow spreads its blanket like soft cotton

Cold but ensuring the spirit is not forgotten


Church bells chime as the choir takes over

Ears rhyming and wishing there’s a makeover


Awesome is the feeling in the heart

Which says….yes its indeed Christmas

Which has come to town with a lovely start….




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