Walking away….


I sit on a stone as I see the sun go down

Making all things look black and brown


An emotion in me has been put to rest

Maybe this was meant for the best


The sky is sombre as my blank face

Eyes moist as I recollect the days


Memories so beautiful as my heart cries

It knows what was said were the last goodbyes


Silence will now speak a thousand words

But it’s better than coming to blows


A painful truth stares straight at my face

Saying it’s over now just forget those days


Something has gone leaving a hole in me

Time will ensure it gets the best from me


Everything looks cold and dark

One look at me and even dogs won’t bark


I leave the place with a heavy heart

Knowing I have to make a real new start


Hiding my emotions I run along the road

Don’t come this way reads the signboard


Slow down dear says a tired mind

Coz life’s calling for its daily grind


Walking away has never been very easy

Unlike the wind thats ever so breezy


But… I move on today with moist eyes

Leaving behind what once was with my last goodbyes…..





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