Hangover…. its round the corner!


Groggy eyed after a few drinks

The mind flutters away as it shrinks


Sensations come out by the galore

And feelings sound like some old folklore


The stomach says ok Bro I am done

Now don’t load me more with your fun


Heady is the feeling inside as you enjoy

Friends staying around to ensure more joy


Vodka, rum, beer & whisky still do the round

But deep inside you know that No is the sound


Laughter echoes as friends bond together

We will stay close they promise each other


Glasses clink for the final drink

As they know they cant go over the brink


As the new year party nears it’s end

You have to go home to make mends 😝


The mind insists it needs some good sleep

Cos it has to wake up to the morning beep


Awesome is the time spent with friends

Which you realise as the new year party ends


Going home after it is the hard part

As it’s time for a hangover to start


Memories of the frenzy remains thru the day

As its difficult for all at work to have their say


A knowing grin on everyone’s faces say

New year’s here so lets call it a day


Let’s chill with the lovely hangover

And go in for some mind makeover !!😁











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