True Love !


You know its come to you on sight

Coz that’s when the heart dances with delight


A deep affection from your inner core

Like it’s been there for years in store


That naughty twinkle in the eyes

Ever thought why it never says goodbye?


A shy smile that warms the heart

Like it’s waiting forever from the start


It blooms forever in the soul like a flower

As you keep realising its divine power


A glow on the face that says it all

God’s way of saying child you have it all


It touches the soul like morning dew

Its softness is felt only by a select few


Maybe separated by distance but still close

Like a broken heart that cries out its woes


A mad lightening that goes through you

Makes you realise what God’s gift is to you


A rare emotion that never sees an end

Coz true love suffers but never bends


Courage is its second name

Hearts wish their name was the same


It makes you crawl out of your shell

When the Almighty assures all will be well


It has a voice that’s different and uncanny

Maybe that’s why elders don’t find it funny


True love truly waits and waits and waits

But loses if a close relation is the bait


It’s voice is then a voice called silence

With its quietness ensuring some balance


Silent, beautiful and carefree is true love

As what you feel is pure like a white dove


Take a bow O amazing emotion of mine

You are a godsend to me as a gift divine


Will stay true to you till my last breath

I know you too will stand by me in my ultimate test






















O Krishna…


Whenever I see or hear you

Something instantly connects me to you


Your mischievous smile sets you apart

Somehow it always tugs at my heart


Your eyes convey all you shouldn’t do

And I end up doing the same as you do


A face that’s so amazingly magnetic

So enticing that I cud become a diabetic


Your aura speaks volumes about you

Which your followers can relate to you


A peacock feather to complete the look

It’s always featured in almost every book


Your ears always hear the unspoken

Of the madness of hearts that are broken


Your flute sings melodies to entice my soul

It makes my soul feel so true and whole


Your Feet spread happiness wherever they go

Every individual sings your praises so


Your presence warms every lonely heart

It gives a reason again for them to start


To write about you is an honour for me

Coz the happiness is there for all to see


You are the brightest light of my life

As u stand by me quietly in all my strifes



How can I say Krishna

That you are not a part of me

You reside in me and belong to me

I am your soul and your soul is me








Butterflies 😍

Little colourful flies called butterflies

Are a real colour treat to sore eyes


Vibrant and delicate they are to look

You can’t catch them by hook or crook


They buzz around colourful flowers

Enjoying the rays that the sun showers


Sometimes they sit sometimes they fly

No other lovely creature as them that can try


Some are delicate to look some are scary

Coz predators are around so they are wary


Their wings are like dustpaper soft and smooth

A pair of antennae to feel but no teeth to boot


Two pairs of wings to fly joint at the tummy

Colourful to the core looking like a yummy mummy


Lunch for the lovelies is always light

As the day calls for long flights


As they flutter around pretty gardens

Kids are fascinated despite strict wardens


They try to catch them by running around

But fail as the butterflies cover too much ground


The life of a butterfly is so fascinating

Short cos it’s mainly predator dominating


As my eyes watch a fleeting butterfly

A smile on my face says…

Yes… butterflies are a colour treat to sore eyes!!


Beautiful flowersπŸ’–

Walking on a winding lane by the woods

Are flowers lined up doing my eyes some good


Colours of all hues feature on display

Eyes dancing as they have too much to see and play


Some red or blue, some violet and yellow

Enjoy as the heart says you are a jolly good fellow


Some are big while some are small

But all are huddled up in a line like a wall


They make for such a pretty sight

Visitors coming are in for a visual delight


Bees and butterflies vie for their attention

Morning dew runs in for damp detention


They look so fresh in the morning sun

Like freshly baked hot cross buns


Their fragrance fills the morning air

How I wish I cud enjoy sitting on a chair


As a breeze blows they sway in a trance

As enjoying life now is their only chance


Life is full for them as no one plucks them

So its known no one earns big bucks on them


When seasons change they wilt away

It’s pains to see them dying this way


But nature does have its own say

To bring back things in its own way


Till then its a wait, watch and see

Little buds waiting for flowers to be


When I will again walk on the lane near the woods

Waiting for flowers to do my eyes some good……






Shining stars

Under a beautifully lit star filled sky

I wonder how it must feel to shine so high


White specks of dust illuminate the darkness

A view so spectacular that it leaves you breathless


Some stars shine like an on off switch

Regardless of any sort of a hitch


Some shine like they never lost their shine

Blessed by none else than Almighty divine


Some stars form patterns in the sky

Each pattern named as a zodiac up so high


Some stars have their own names

But some don’t so it’s quite a shame


There is one star so close to the moon

Always together but vanishing by noon


Then there’s the Pole star that’s a guide

All ships in the sea look for it and abide


Its heavenly to see the magic of the divine

My heart sings to the stars O baby be mine


As the night ages, they shift to the west

Cos the morning will bring out its best


As sleep takes over, I call your name

A star twinkles you sleep i will be the same


My heart smiles as if to tell the stars….

Under a beautifully lit star filled sky

I wonder how it must feel to shine so high !

A true friend..

When your true friend SAYS…..



I am the seven colours of your life

He will stand by you despite his strifes


I am the sunlight that guides you

He will lighten your path to help you thru


I am as expandable as the blue sky

He will ensure your dreams too rise high


I am the lashing rain and the cold snow

Though himself in pain he won’t show


I cannot speak anything in your favour

He means despite odds he will be with you forever


I am the wind thats always around you

He’s the unseen force pushing you to get thru


I am the thought that makes you feel good

He’s the smile that makes you smile all you could


I am your ever friendly imagination

He’s there in all your creative creations


I am all the little lessons that life teaches

He’s that adorable entity who never preaches


He may not say a word yet will be around

Eyes speaking of emotions that ran aground


If you are blessed to have such a friend

Feel proud that the idiot will stand by you to set trends


After all….God does send angels to us

To be together to board life’s tough upcoming bus…..






A kite story

Up goes the kite into the sky

With its dreams touching a new high


It’s crisp and made of fine paper

My eyes see that it looks very dapper


Tied to a tough thread of a loyal friend

It sails in the sky despite many bends


Sometimes left and at times to the right

Nervous but holding to a bond so tight


Wind pushing it in every direction

Still its mind having no objection


The kite feels the pulse of the air

When it flies up above with so much flair


It tastes its freedom like never before

Coz what its got It has never got before


It hums a song as it keeps sailing

Eyes from below too keep it from falling


It flies and flies till its too tired to fly

The bonding thread too gets cut in the sky


The kite falls like dreams turning to dust

Its heart still pumps saying get up you must


But it’s soul is torn when it brushes a thorn

Kids run to pick it up ignoring car horns


The kite has lived its life for a day

Sailing high but having nothing much to say


The festival has come to an end

But left behind are hopes for us to make mends


Till then.. The soul of the kite will fly high

And eager eyes will always look to the sky !