There is…..

Something mesmerising about your smile

Makes me think about you for a while


Something naughty in those eyes

That conveys you are playing with dice


Something haunting in that voice of yours

That says listen I will match it with yours


Something distinctly specky in your walk

Which says baby come let’s go and talk


Something attractive in whatever you do

Maybe that’s why I can never forget you


Something ethereal about your soul

That’s why I can relate to it as a whole


Something in you that says I know you for so long

That’s why my past was never a song


Something beautiful in the way you think

Yes, it always makes my little heart sink


Something loyal is your relation with me

It’s hats off when I say please allow it to be


Something close yet something far from me

Maybe this is how the Lord wanted it to be


Something is always “everything” about you 

So if I say something ……can you really really hear everything ?









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