My rainbow🌈

 Across the horizon in the nearby hills

Is a beautiful vision that gives us real thrills 


A rainbow has appeared across the sky

Amidst light rain that says now can I say bye


Spray of rain scatters across the air

With each drop moistening the hair


A cool breeze rubs against my cheeks

Awesome is how nature gives itself a tweak 


Seven colours is what I see on display

Each shining to make the most of the day


Kids are awestruck to see an arc of happiness 

Their joyous screams drowning in their merriness 


The rainbow spreads across the horizon

Like horses galloping away by the dozen


Amazing is the sight to behold

A few minutes after its gone a little story unfolds


Of how a rainbow bought about some smiles

And how hope stays together cutting across miles


And my heart whispers…


Rainbow O rainbow

Please take a bow

As it was quite a show

What I felt today

You will never really know. …


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