Silence of my heart

 Listen to the silence of my heart 

It will say a story that time never forgot


Blessed with something so divine

How can I say then it’s not mine


No expectations no material longings

Simply experience its emotional bonding


A bonding that’s really pure and true

Even if you search somewhere in the blue


A language only true minds can follow

Coz it’s for real and not hollow


It never asked you for anything

Not that it wants something of anything


Just be there and listen to its quietness

U will feel its power in the depths of emptiness


So many things to say but all hidden

Cos some things are best when forbidden


Wish the silence could be broken forever

And say what it wants to each other


But silent hearts are maybe the strongest

That’s why they go through the hardest¬†


In happiness and togetherness 

It will stand beside you despite loneliness


Maybe that’s why they say….


Silence always speaks a thousand words

Just listen as it cuts through like sharpened swords ….












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