My Teddy Bear


Round and so cute is my teddy bear

Awesomely soft with lots of brown hair


A face so angelic I can’t take my eyes off

No one dare come near else I wl shoo you off


With eyes like black little gems

A scarf shines with frills at the helms


Round is the face and sweet is the smile

I could go hypnotised for miles and miles


Two little hands on each side

To hold and cuddle on a front so wide


Brown is its hair and soft is its tummy

He’s awesome I often tell my mummy


Two puffy legs to help sit on any place

My teddy bear does have his own grace


His presence in my life is a godsend

I talk to him whenever I have mood bends


He listens so quietly without any noise

So unlike the other unruly bad boys


I love my teddy bear with my whole heart

As he’s been with me right from the start


I think….


If someone asked me whom do you love

I will say my teddy bear’s is my heart’s dove!!!






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