A heart reminisces….

 Deep in a heart’s own little world

There’s a story that’s never been told


It’s beautifully written by the Lord himself

I adore it so much myself as it goes………



“Words can’t describe what I feel for you

I can never ever put them in words too


Your thoughts tug at my heart’s strings

Can’t understand what this emotion brings


It’s sublime, real and eternal in nature

Something that is so ethereal in stature


I recall your name several times a day

In a mind that has only you night and day


I smile to myself when I see the mirror

Where time seems to stand still forever 


Memories rush in when I speak your name

It’s like everything is still the same


Maybe it doesn’t mean much to you now

U have gone so far away I don’t know how


Maybe We were never meant to be

That’s why you are so far for me to see


But a heart still remembers the fondness

Of how it felt in distance and closeness


And a mind ensures the story is untold

As things happen only when it’s foretold”


😊 Somehow…

Still a voice says Hearts are mad

Yes they do sometimes get sad


Wish they could say yes its still the same

Forever i will wait for you to call my name











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