The kite festival is coming!


The fields are wearing a golden glow

Crops are ready for the knife’s blow


A weary smile on the farmers face

Speaks about the toil done on many days


Sugarcane’s ready for the harvest

They will be cut at the farmers behest


Paperkites are ready to fly in the air

Kids showing theirs to friends with no despair


The manja’s ready for a thrust into the sky

The kites say yes buddy together we will fly


Up go the kites like dreams on a high

Wind pushes them further into the blue sky


Fragrances from the kitchen waft through

Til laddoos being made and coffee being brewed


Everyone sending wishes to loved ones

A festival does bring in cheer by the dozens


A holiday is what seals the goodness of the day

But some bunking to enjoy the special day


As the sun brings in its last bright lights

People enjoy kite flying till they go out of sight


Every heart sings yes it is a good day

Coz advance Makar Sankrant wishes are coming your way


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