A kite story

Up goes the kite into the sky

With its dreams touching a new high


It’s crisp and made of fine paper

My eyes see that it looks very dapper


Tied to a tough thread of a loyal friend

It sails in the sky despite many bends


Sometimes left and at times to the right

Nervous but holding to a bond so tight


Wind pushing it in every direction

Still its mind having no objection


The kite feels the pulse of the air

When it flies up above with so much flair


It tastes its freedom like never before

Coz what its got It has never got before


It hums a song as it keeps sailing

Eyes from below too keep it from falling


It flies and flies till its too tired to fly

The bonding thread too gets cut in the sky


The kite falls like dreams turning to dust

Its heart still pumps saying get up you must


But it’s soul is torn when it brushes a thorn

Kids run to pick it up ignoring car horns


The kite has lived its life for a day

Sailing high but having nothing much to say


The festival has come to an end

But left behind are hopes for us to make mends


Till then.. The soul of the kite will fly high

And eager eyes will always look to the sky !










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