A true friend..

When your true friend SAYS…..



I am the seven colours of your life

He will stand by you despite his strifes


I am the sunlight that guides you

He will lighten your path to help you thru


I am as expandable as the blue sky

He will ensure your dreams too rise high


I am the lashing rain and the cold snow

Though himself in pain he won’t show


I cannot speak anything in your favour

He means despite odds he will be with you forever


I am the wind thats always around you

He’s the unseen force pushing you to get thru


I am the thought that makes you feel good

He’s the smile that makes you smile all you could


I am your ever friendly imagination

He’s there in all your creative creations


I am all the little lessons that life teaches

He’s that adorable entity who never preaches


He may not say a word yet will be around

Eyes speaking of emotions that ran aground


If you are blessed to have such a friend

Feel proud that the idiot will stand by you to set trends


After all….God does send angels to us

To be together to board life’s tough upcoming bus…..







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