Beautiful flowers💖

Walking on a winding lane by the woods

Are flowers lined up doing my eyes some good


Colours of all hues feature on display

Eyes dancing as they have too much to see and play


Some red or blue, some violet and yellow

Enjoy as the heart says you are a jolly good fellow


Some are big while some are small

But all are huddled up in a line like a wall


They make for such a pretty sight

Visitors coming are in for a visual delight


Bees and butterflies vie for their attention

Morning dew runs in for damp detention


They look so fresh in the morning sun

Like freshly baked hot cross buns


Their fragrance fills the morning air

How I wish I cud enjoy sitting on a chair


As a breeze blows they sway in a trance

As enjoying life now is their only chance


Life is full for them as no one plucks them

So its known no one earns big bucks on them


When seasons change they wilt away

It’s pains to see them dying this way


But nature does have its own say

To bring back things in its own way


Till then its a wait, watch and see

Little buds waiting for flowers to be


When I will again walk on the lane near the woods

Waiting for flowers to do my eyes some good……






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