Butterflies 😍

Little colourful flies called butterflies

Are a real colour treat to sore eyes


Vibrant and delicate they are to look

You can’t catch them by hook or crook


They buzz around colourful flowers

Enjoying the rays that the sun showers


Sometimes they sit sometimes they fly

No other lovely creature as them that can try


Some are delicate to look some are scary

Coz predators are around so they are wary


Their wings are like dustpaper soft and smooth

A pair of antennae to feel but no teeth to boot


Two pairs of wings to fly joint at the tummy

Colourful to the core looking like a yummy mummy


Lunch for the lovelies is always light

As the day calls for long flights


As they flutter around pretty gardens

Kids are fascinated despite strict wardens


They try to catch them by running around

But fail as the butterflies cover too much ground


The life of a butterfly is so fascinating

Short cos it’s mainly predator dominating


As my eyes watch a fleeting butterfly

A smile on my face says…

Yes… butterflies are a colour treat to sore eyes!!



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