True Love !


You know its come to you on sight

Coz that’s when the heart dances with delight


A deep affection from your inner core

Like it’s been there for years in store


That naughty twinkle in the eyes

Ever thought why it never says goodbye?


A shy smile that warms the heart

Like it’s waiting forever from the start


It blooms forever in the soul like a flower

As you keep realising its divine power


A glow on the face that says it all

God’s way of saying child you have it all


It touches the soul like morning dew

Its softness is felt only by a select few


Maybe separated by distance but still close

Like a broken heart that cries out its woes


A mad lightening that goes through you

Makes you realise what God’s gift is to you


A rare emotion that never sees an end

Coz true love suffers but never bends


Courage is its second name

Hearts wish their name was the same


It makes you crawl out of your shell

When the Almighty assures all will be well


It has a voice that’s different and uncanny

Maybe that’s why elders don’t find it funny


True love truly waits and waits and waits

But loses if a close relation is the bait


It’s voice is then a voice called silence

With its quietness ensuring some balance


Silent, beautiful and carefree is true love

As what you feel is pure like a white dove


Take a bow O amazing emotion of mine

You are a godsend to me as a gift divine


Will stay true to you till my last breath

I know you too will stand by me in my ultimate test





















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