Your Smile….

Your smile means so much to me

Though you are not around to see


It lights up your face like the moon

My heart then sings go and see him soon


A little mischief and a little shyness

It portrays you as a person with greatness


It warms every heart as you walk along

Thats why my heart’s always on a song


My day is made when I see you smile

For which I could cover miles and miles


It feels good to see you smiling and happy

It reminds me of little babies in a nappy


Your smile has some magnetism in it

That’s why my silly mind’s attracted to it


Though you are far away from me

Somehow your smile connects you to me


You may not even be there near me

But your smile assures you needn’t fear me


Your smile conveys what’s on your mind

Different on your lips and different in your mind


Its that beautiful curve that sets you apart

Every time it throws a dart on my heart


Wish I could see you once again

Just to ask my heart what’s there to gain


Wish I knew why your smile makes me mad

Its a story that’s lovely but a little sad


Wish I could ask my silly heart

What’s in that smile that shoots darts


Maybe I would then truly know

That his smile melts me like soft snow



Always brings a lovely smile on my face

And a glow that stays for several days….












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