Amazing Nature

Green lawns carpeted before my eyes

Brings to life the beauty of nature so nice


As I sit on the soft grass taking in the view

A wind blows gently as fresh as morning dew


Serene is the river flowing in front of me

The blue water says come take a dip in me


Its chillness makes my hands so numb

My mind chides how can you be so dumb


Little flowers bloom along the sides

Their fragrance wafting as my nose abides


The blue sky matches the green carpet below

Colours running riot in every nook and hollow


I close my eyes to feel the stillness in the air

And feel like staying as noise is in the world back there


Birds chirp away little songs of their own

Each singing to ensure they are not alone


Insects of all sizes make merry

As they have no pain or any worry


I wander around with a song in my heart

Smiling as this is how our world had a start


A lone horse grazes in the distant field

As fresh grass is what the earth yields


The wind sings a song of accompaniment

As butterflies fly along with merriment


It feels good to connect with nature

As it doesn’t make you aware of your stature


Peace takes over a stressed out mind

As nature gifts images to remain in the back of the mind














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