What do I say?……

A mind of mine full of words for you

But what’s to speak I wonder too


So much to express and convey

Wonder how my heart keeps itself at bay


You are a fever that’s raging away

Burning forever is all I can manage to say


Eyes wait for a glimpse of you as time ticks

As no other rare gem makes me so sick


Silence seals my lips as you stand before me

You are my world which I wish you could see


In you is where my little heart throbs

I can express it only with my quiet sobs


Eyes speak a language of the known unknown

As the seeds of the known had long been sown


You reside in a little corner of my world

Where a real emotion is so very old


I could never tear myself away from you

Even if the world’s between me and you


Lost is what I feel when you aren’t with me

Wish you realised how much you mean to me


My memories of you still throb with life

Relieving each moment of fun and strife


Wish you were never separate from me

But maybe the Lord’s plans are like this to be


Never knew true love would be so painful

But… its has shown me that it could be so truthful….









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