A take on exams!!

It’s that time of the year again

When books and time strike a bargain


Time says finish up else I will run

Kids say O buddy let me have a little fun


Too much to study and too little time

Why do books have stuff that say read me else you will whine


Each subject seems like no end of the world

With topics ensuring that your mind grows old !!


How do you expect to write so much in so little time

When every subject has spellings worse than sticky slime


Anxiety takes over like as if it rules you

Ensuring all family is part of it too


Appetite takes a downward plunge

As numbers and spellings float around in a confused bunch


Sleep is the faithful buddy that entices you

And sleepy eyes are what books give too


Exam fever catches on like a raging virus

Time making every student a little serious


Notes and files are exchanged by the dozen

With teachers giving tips to add some  motivation


Expectations are writ large on all faces

As harassed students run around all places


Online help too ensures it’s presence

As helplines ring to add effervescence


A break is what every child dreams of

To enjoy some peace that exams took off


Studies seem never ending for every child

As his / her inner self shouts…..


Phew!!….its that time of the year again

When books and time strike a good bargain !!😁











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