My dream vision..😍

As I close my eyes in the night

You are a vision never going out of sight


So good and dangerously magnetic

That my sulking heart looks so pathetic


I float on clouds of unending dreams

Which are as sweet as biscuit creams


Your vision is as lovely as the moon

That calls oh dear come to me soon


Your lilting voice ensures I am not alone

Singing a melody that enthralls me to the bone


I feel you in the depths of my mind

When you prod… go dear I am just behind


I see little stars hauntingly shining on us

As we ride the clouds like a fast bus


No words just beautiful silence between us

Something thats alive to definitely bond us


Our hands hold each other in unison

As they bond together even in separation


Somewhere along the way you are gone

Tears fill a lonely heart that was on a song


I float around everywhere looking for you

In every nook and corner and bylanes too


My mind refuses to believe your absence

As my heart goes into a slow abstinence


Calling your name is the only thing I know

Time has stood by me on this with a good show


The night pulls me into its haziness

While your vision ensures my sleepiness


Alone but somehow I fall off to sleep

This time sleep coming slow and deep


While a subconscious mind still says….


Though I close my eyes for the night

You are my vision that won’t go out of sight..










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