Kaanha teri nazron se kuch chhupa nahi

Jaan le teri Radha ka mann laage nahi


Door hai tu mujhse kuch aise

Jaise tujhe aur mujhe nazar lagi ho waise


Tujhe yaad karte hain raat aur din

Na kate ek bhi pal kabhi tere bin


Zinda ho mann ki chhup si galliyon mein

Jahan sapne bhi khilte hain kaliyon mein


Shaam hote hi japte hain naam tera

Subah hote hi taakte hain raah tera


Phirti hun junglon mein tera naam lekar

Arre koi toh bata do mera Kaanha kahan baitha hai chupkar


Teri boli se umang bharti hai mujhme

Na jaane kaunsa tarang umadti hai mujhme


Do lafz tere sunne kaan taraste mere

Ansuni lafzon ki raah mein baraste nain mere


Soona sa lage ab ye jeevan mera

Pukarti reh jaoon par darshan na mile tera


Chale gaye kahin apni Radha se door

Aur tohfa de gaye ki rehna meri yaadon mein choor


Kaise samjhayein tujhe ki tu nahi toh main bhi nahi

Tujhe yaadon mein hi dhoondna saza hai meri


Itna yaad rakhna Kaanha….


Tere bina ab mann kahin lagta nahi

Ye baat tujhse kabhi chhupa tha hi nahi








In you are my golden dreams

Like softly glowing sunbeams


In you are my beautiful memories

Like newly found shining treasuries


In you rests my heart’s peace

Don’t abandon me in anyway please


In you shines my soul’s might

Like a little star twinkling bright


In you I see the face of the moon

Like it calls just come out to see me soon


In you are all my tender emotions

So quiet but ever bubbling like fountains


In you I see myself like the sun

Burning bright when all have good fun


In you are my most beautiful moods

As you are my soul’s favourite food


In you I find myself so complete

A rare emotion that life cannot repeat


O Krishna….

In you I will remain eternal forever

As I cannot replace you with anyone ever





Letting go….


Somewhere through life’s highs and lows

Inspite of being pulled down by its blows

With an inner might that shines bright

I have learnt to let go…..


Somewhere deep in the walls of my heart

Packed are emotions like hidden darts

With an outer courage that will never age

I have learnt to let go…..


Somewhere deep in the depths of my eyes

Are feelings that never said goodbyes

With inner strength that jumps all lengths

I have learnt to let go…..


Somewhere lost in a dear one’s memories

Are moments I cherish like treasuries

But when the past too left me so aghast

I have learnt to let go….


Time may not remember me anymore

For it has too much now in store

An inner voice now cries with no choice

Yes….I have finally learnt to let go..

I have finally learnt to let go..


Zindagi ki Holi mein….


Khoye se rehte hain tere naam ki boli mein

Kuch anokha sa bhar gaya Rabb meri jholi mein


Ab kis rang se kheloge holi humse

Bas shabdo ke rang barsana meethi boli se


Yaad sada karenge tumhe lal rang ki tarah

Jaise majboor hokar juda hue deewano ki tarah


Dosti hamari khilegi peele gulabon jaisi

Ek sundar rishta bhavre aur phoolon jaisi


Saath rehna mere neele aasmaan ki tarah

Ya phir kaale baadlon se girte saawan ki tarah


Kuch albela sa keh jaana safed badal jaise

Jo chhupi mein sab samja de bilkul waise


Nazar aana kudrat ke hare chaadar ki tarah

Jo jhoomkar gaaye taraane mehekte ittar ki tarah


Har rang zindagi ka bhar jaaye dua hai meri

Geet suhana suna jayenge agar saaz hogi teri


Fursat mein kuch farmana do lafz hamari dosti ke liye…..

Aakhir dost hi hota hai dost ke kaam aane ke liye !














I remember …….

In the dead silence of the night

I walk on with a light in me burning bright


The road winds itself in so many ways

Reminding me that life too has its own say


My mind replays an old era once again

Though memories exist and nothing’s to gain


Dry leaves rustle under my feet as I walk

Like Nature also says O dear come let’s talk


My heart is heavy with dried tears

Accumulated over God knows how many years


I sit down on a lone bench under a light

Wondering what to do if anything comes in sight


Silence speaks a strange language they say

As I whisper to myself its time to walk away


Walk away from all thats brought me down

Without much of a thought or a frown


As the moon showers love into the night

I look up to see its aura shining so bright


It reminds me of a dear one I lost

Tears run down again as I realise the cost


Time sits silently beside me

Reassuring me nothing can be done you see


With memories burning away like blue

A beautiful emotion has emerged so true


I gather myself up to face the world again

As its no use putting myself in strain


Walking away…

Walking away into the light. …..

Walking away into whatever’s bright. ….






An ode to beautiful friendship


My friend….


Don’t see… what I don’t do for you

But know the best is what I wish for you


Don’t see… how distant I may sound

But know in my heart you will always be foreground


Don’t see… my tears and my hurt

But know your happiness matters to me first


Don’t see… my deliberate silence

But know what exists in non violence


Don’t see… the excitement in my eyes

See what they say when you say a bye


Don’t see… the words I can’t write

But hear what makes my heart shine bright


Don’t mistake… my words or actions ever

But know I will stand beside you forever


Don’t see… the anger in me at times

But see the smile of a simple heart that always chimes…


Dear friend….

Don’t you ever give up on me

Coz your friendship matters most to me
















Can’t forget you !

How cud I forget you When…..



Your name spells music to my ears

Each alphabet singing a tune worth a hear


Your picture in front of my eyes

Is never willing to say a goodbye


Your voice fills up my soul with happiness

Which I wait to hear with eagerness


Your persona keeps a divine hold on me

It’s a blessing the Lord conferred on me


Your aura still resides in my little heart

Coz its something in me that time forgot


I feel your sublime presence in my soul

It makes me a better person as a whole


Your thoughts keep my feelings alive

Like honeybees sticking to their beehive


Your smile melts me like a little child

As a child’s innocence is carefree and wild


There is something graceful about you

Which my soul accepts in total too


You are the alcohol that runs in my veins

Addictive yet needed for emotions to be reins


You are a part of me that exists in silence

As silence is beautiful and believes in non violence


I believe in you more than myself

As yourself is more important than myself


Wish you would realise what you are to me

No words can ever express it you see


All I can say that you are me and I am you

As I will never find anyone as dear as you !!