Can’t forget you !

How cud I forget you When…..



Your name spells music to my ears

Each alphabet singing a tune worth a hear


Your picture in front of my eyes

Is never willing to say a goodbye


Your voice fills up my soul with happiness

Which I wait to hear with eagerness


Your persona keeps a divine hold on me

It’s a blessing the Lord conferred on me


Your aura still resides in my little heart

Coz its something in me that time forgot


I feel your sublime presence in my soul

It makes me a better person as a whole


Your thoughts keep my feelings alive

Like honeybees sticking to their beehive


Your smile melts me like a little child

As a child’s innocence is carefree and wild


There is something graceful about you

Which my soul accepts in total too


You are the alcohol that runs in my veins

Addictive yet needed for emotions to be reins


You are a part of me that exists in silence

As silence is beautiful and believes in non violence


I believe in you more than myself

As yourself is more important than myself


Wish you would realise what you are to me

No words can ever express it you see


All I can say that you are me and I am you

As I will never find anyone as dear as you !!




















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