An ode to beautiful friendship


My friend….


Don’t see… what I don’t do for you

But know the best is what I wish for you


Don’t see… how distant I may sound

But know in my heart you will always be foreground


Don’t see… my tears and my hurt

But know your happiness matters to me first


Don’t see… my deliberate silence

But know what exists in non violence


Don’t see… the excitement in my eyes

See what they say when you say a bye


Don’t see… the words I can’t write

But hear what makes my heart shine bright


Don’t mistake… my words or actions ever

But know I will stand beside you forever


Don’t see… the anger in me at times

But see the smile of a simple heart that always chimes…


Dear friend….

Don’t you ever give up on me

Coz your friendship matters most to me

















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