I remember …….

In the dead silence of the night

I walk on with a light in me burning bright


The road winds itself in so many ways

Reminding me that life too has its own say


My mind replays an old era once again

Though memories exist and nothing’s to gain


Dry leaves rustle under my feet as I walk

Like Nature also says O dear come let’s talk


My heart is heavy with dried tears

Accumulated over God knows how many years


I sit down on a lone bench under a light

Wondering what to do if anything comes in sight


Silence speaks a strange language they say

As I whisper to myself its time to walk away


Walk away from all thats brought me down

Without much of a thought or a frown


As the moon showers love into the night

I look up to see its aura shining so bright


It reminds me of a dear one I lost

Tears run down again as I realise the cost


Time sits silently beside me

Reassuring me nothing can be done you see


With memories burning away like blue

A beautiful emotion has emerged so true


I gather myself up to face the world again

As its no use putting myself in strain


Walking away…

Walking away into the light. …..

Walking away into whatever’s bright. ….







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