Waiting for the rains..


As the earth waits parched and dry

All eyes look eagerly towards the sky

While the sun burns everything in its path

It’s an endless wait for the rains…..


The terrible heat sucks up all moisture

Leaving dry all fields, farms and pastures

As exasperation reaches its heights

Its an endless wait for the rains…..


Dry rivers stare us in the face

Reminding us its gonna be bad so brace

While living beings are parched of thirst

Its an endless wait for the rains….


Water is now scarce so do what you can

Save every drop by choice or by a plan

As we stare at a major drought scenario

Its an endless wait for the rains….


Pray we be blessed with good rains

Else nothing’s gonna come as gains

May HE have a really kind heart this year

As we wait endlessly for the rains…..




No one like you Krishna…


As a magnificent sun rises in the east

My eyes take in its beauty like a feast

A sacred emotion in me blooms

When I feel your presence in me…


As I wake up seeing the clear blue sky

I smile to myself shyly wondering why

A happiness in me rears itself

When I feel your presence in me…..


When the wind speaks to the trees

And the leaves dance in the breeze

My heart softly hums to itself

As I feel your presence in me…..


As the sun goes down in the horizon

Birds too flock home by the dozen

Twilight brings in your fond memories

When I feel your presence in me….


When the moon sings a lullaby at night

Its aura brings your face in sight

An inner peace dwells in me O Krishna

As I truly feel your presence in me….







Mother Nature…..


At the crack of a beautiful dawn

As sunrays look like a newborn fawn

And you want that lazy stroll at the lawn

You remember me….


In the freshness of nature’s smiles

Which extends across the earth’s miles

When you want to see a flower blooming

You remember me….


When the clouds scatter their treasure

To an earth that’s waiting beyond measure

When every little drop brings you joy

You remember me…..


When the sun says goodbye for the day

And a lone bird flies home with its prey

If sometime your mood does turn grey

You remember me……


Save me now save me for the future

Irrespective of your class or your stature

A sincere plea is my only hope

Do your best so all can be with me


As my name is Mother Nature….. 😊




The lone bench in the woods…

A sombre colour is the quiet sky

No wonder the environment is so dry

But what beckons me to soothe my soul

Is that lone bench in the woods…..


With a a serenity no one can really steal

A quality that nature brings out as a deal

Awesomeness is the companion for me

In that lone bench in the woods….


Footsteps of the past still ring in the place

Of the old times spent in years and days

A sole witness to all things I did and loved

Is that lone bench in the woods…..


I wish its aura always stays the same

But preserving it is no mean game

A real special place in my heart it holds

That lone bench in the woods…..


If close friends and family call

Saying come on let’s have a ball

I think I would surely invite everyone 😊

To that lone bench in the woods…..

A moonlit night !


It’s a beautiful beautiful night

Something your eyes can’t miss on sight


Cool is the light breeze blowing

As it sinks in to keep the mood floating


The sky’s glowing with mellow moonlight

Touching your senses like soft candlelight


The aura of the moon entices like a gem

Making it look like the sky’s emblem


The moon brings a smile to your face

As hidden emotions rise up like in a race


Its sublime beauty leaves you mesmerised

As you see a dear one’s face in it and are hypnotised


Your soul hums a soft tune in the soothing light

When you realise the moon is only what’s shining bright


It’s light follows you like your own shadow

Like a dear friend always there when you feel shallow


It’s crosses the night sky at a slow pace

Each time putting forward its best face


Tranquil is my garden pond in the moonlight

Glittering as it mirrors the moon in sight


As quietness settles in slowly and truly

A lilting tune plays in the mind as a lullaby


My tired eyes drown in the moonlight

As they finally close themselves for the night…..










Daily grind !! 😂


Amidst the hustle of a busy city

Can’t find time for oneself what a pity


Mornings call for a daily sprint

All running around after a mouthwash with mint


Breakfast is always in a tearing hurry

Leaving mom’s looking like souls who worry


Getting ready is another wondrous part

Time ticking away as you run like a dart


Grabbing your stuff u do make it to work

While thinking hope I dont look a jerk!


As time flies it’s almost lunch time

As stomachs growl give me what’s mine


After lunch you put yourself at a little ease

Settling by the window to catch some breeze


The phone rings robbing back that treat

E-mails to be sent on a job you find sweet


The boss calls sometimes for a session

And you wonder what’s in store as a lesson


Tea coffee breaks bring back welcome smiles

Smiles saying wanna go home inspite of miles


The late comers pitch in with late working

As they compensate with flexible timings


Going home on time is a blessing for many

While some slog like their job is worth every penny


As the night settles it’s time for dinner

And catching up on TV updates or the day’s winner


By now every part of you screams go sleep

As you have to run again with the morning beep


As you finally hit the soft pillow at night

That’s so soothing like flowers that delight


You wonder……

Amidst the hustle of this busy city

I can’t find time to myself and that’s a pity !