Daily grind !! πŸ˜‚


Amidst the hustle of a busy city

Can’t find time for oneself what a pity


Mornings call for a daily sprint

All running around after a mouthwash with mint


Breakfast is always in a tearing hurry

Leaving mom’s looking like souls who worry


Getting ready is another wondrous part

Time ticking away as you run like a dart


Grabbing your stuff u do make it to work

While thinking hope I dont look a jerk!


As time flies it’s almost lunch time

As stomachs growl give me what’s mine


After lunch you put yourself at a little ease

Settling by the window to catch some breeze


The phone rings robbing back that treat

E-mails to be sent on a job you find sweet


The boss calls sometimes for a session

And you wonder what’s in store as a lesson


Tea coffee breaks bring back welcome smiles

Smiles saying wanna go home inspite of miles


The late comers pitch in with late working

As they compensate with flexible timings


Going home on time is a blessing for many

While some slog like their job is worth every penny


As the night settles it’s time for dinner

And catching up on TV updates or the day’s winner


By now every part of you screams go sleep

As you have to run again with the morning beep


As you finally hit the soft pillow at night

That’s so soothing like flowers that delight


You wonder……

Amidst the hustle of this busy city

I can’t find time to myself and that’s a pity !



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