A moonlit night !


It’s a beautiful beautiful night

Something your eyes can’t miss on sight


Cool is the light breeze blowing

As it sinks in to keep the mood floating


The sky’s glowing with mellow moonlight

Touching your senses like soft candlelight


The aura of the moon entices like a gem

Making it look like the sky’s emblem


The moon brings a smile to your face

As hidden emotions rise up like in a race


Its sublime beauty leaves you mesmerised

As you see a dear one’s face in it and are hypnotised


Your soul hums a soft tune in the soothing light

When you realise the moon is only what’s shining bright


It’s light follows you like your own shadow

Like a dear friend always there when you feel shallow


It’s crosses the night sky at a slow pace

Each time putting forward its best face


Tranquil is my garden pond in the moonlight

Glittering as it mirrors the moon in sight


As quietness settles in slowly and truly

A lilting tune plays in the mind as a lullaby


My tired eyes drown in the moonlight

As they finally close themselves for the night…..











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