Beautiful nature

A leaf’s story…..


A leaf on the branch of a tree

Is nature’s wonder for all to see


Clinging to the tree as it grows

It flutters away to put up a good show


Soft and smooth as a newborn

Blooms with flowers inspite of thorns


Youth brings in its sturdiness

As it dances in the wind in happiness


It offers itself as a brilliant camouflage

To birds and insects wanting longer age


As seasons change it matures

Wind, rain and cold ensure it quivers


Nature brings its end one fine day

As it falls down knowing its doomsday


The tree looks empty and cries

As the leaf abandons home and dries


Life doesn’t stop for nature though

New leaves ensure there’s hope in store


Amazing is the life story of a leaf

That inspires us to just be happy in brief !



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