Indian Monsoon


Resident grey clouds in the sky

Signal the monsoon’s on a high


Thunder and lightening strike together

Like twins having a blast forever


Raindrops shower on to the soil

And every farmer’s ready for a toil


Little streams chose their own way

Blending with earth to have their own say


The earth blossoms in its own scent

All species bloom with an old descent


There is a freshness in the air

Drawing insects out of their lair


Everything is so moist and damp

Mosquitos have a field day as in a swamp


The jungle speaks a language of its own

Of wide growth with precious seeds sown


Cities have their own story to tell

As rains rain havoc and create hell


No one still complains though

Coz water’s precious for life’s daily show


Its lovely to feel the season in full flow

And witness Nature in dullness and in full glow!!



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