O Moon…..


Quietly you whisper what you have to say

Transfixed I gaze as I stand by the bay

Extreme magic in the way you appear

Nobody likes to see you disappear

You are one in a million in the sky

Thats why the Lord put you so high

Your white innocence speaks for you

Thats why your sheer magic is so true

You are the applepie of all eyes

Making even bad dreams say a goodbye!


O Autumn !

Sunrays playing hide and seek

Like a little child taking a peek

The innocent warmth is warm to feel

As innocence never makes a big deal

Eyes go gaga over this awesome sight

My refreshed soul dances in raw delight

Leaves display colours to their best

Even when faced with their last test

Autumn is fully on its way through

And nature glows with colours of all hues

How can you not hum that silly song

Nature itself says enjoy before I dry and am gone!!

O nature !

Lovely crimson skies

Signal nature’s on a high

Calm is the river flow

But watch the scene glow

Floating clouds have  mind of their own

As if a path to them has been shown

Trees bringing out their best

Like appearing for the ultimate test

Take a bow O nature

Wonder how you manage such a good show!

Awesome Nature

Writing about nature is extremely relaxing. Few more lines…..


Serene and oh so calm

You look like you yourself are my balm

I could keep looking at you for hours

And go back smiling unlike others

You somehow pull away pain

Though you have nothing to gain

What could I give back to you

To keep my promise to you

Each time I ask you a question

Your answer is just a suggestion

O nature….its awesome you are with me

A silent true friend is what you will always be !

I am a teenager ☺

Hormones going high and low

Emotions put up an equally good show

I am a teenager I am told


My moods vary on people and time

And I love to croon the summer of 69


I love all things hippie and junky

All that make me feel nice and funky


My clothes aren’t approved by society

Though society likes to see variety !


Bubblegum exercises my jaws

And earphones erase my mood’s flaws


My diet plan is a weirdo like me

Healthy or whacky at times but let it be


My jeans look unwashed in ages

And an attitude best when not in cages


The clock time doesn’t exist for me

As I love doing things that suit me


Bizarre I may sound but am happy to be

For this age will never come back you see


Yes I am a teenager I am told…

I care a damn about what u say

I love my life so I ensure my fun day



A retreating monsoon


As the monsoon gets ready to say bye

Nature’s beauty flourishes sky high


Green is the colour dominating

With other hues make it scintillating


Clouds play hide n seek with the sun

As the rays filter in to bring some fun


The wind speaks of freshness in the air

Drawing even insects out of their lair


Dampness and dryness become twins

Vying with each other to see who wins


Butterflies make the most during the day

When the sun shines and says make hay


Leaves are fresh after each shower

Glowing and dancing with their own power


Every river and lake is finally full

Making farmers smile and not feel dull


A silly happiness dwells in the mind

While nature displays delights behind


An enchanted soul smiles in itself to say

O nature please stay…never ever wilt away!