I am a teenager ☺

Hormones going high and low

Emotions put up an equally good show

I am a teenager I am told


My moods vary on people and time

And I love to croon the summer of 69


I love all things hippie and junky

All that make me feel nice and funky


My clothes aren’t approved by society

Though society likes to see variety !


Bubblegum exercises my jaws

And earphones erase my mood’s flaws


My diet plan is a weirdo like me

Healthy or whacky at times but let it be


My jeans look unwashed in ages

And an attitude best when not in cages


The clock time doesn’t exist for me

As I love doing things that suit me


Bizarre I may sound but am happy to be

For this age will never come back you see


Yes I am a teenager I am told…

I care a damn about what u say

I love my life so I ensure my fun day




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