Mumbai weather


Rain rain and more rain the whole day

Muggy weather’s here again to stay


Dawn daily brings in dull grey skies

For now the sun has said its goodbyes


Clouds of all shapes float away merrily

Ensuring dampness stays on steadily


A funny mist envelopes the air around

And dampness clings fast to the ground


Allergies of all kinds rule the day

And mosquitos have their own pricky say


Washed clothes wait for their turn to dry

And half dried ones are still damp O why !


Moving around the city becomes a pain

Stuck in traffic u do wonder whats to gain


Everyone is at their irritable best

Like nature’s herself taking everyone’s test


Wonder these days where did we go wrong

Life was never easy but we did have a song


Now its man versus nature

As she’s giving back in a way that’s her signature !


Wonder when we will learn though

To put an end to our endless egoistic show










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