The Indian Peacock

The peacock….

In all the beautiful creations of nature
You are one such magnificent creature
A picture of grace and royalty
Colourful yet displaying it in subtlety
Sighting you is a rarity
As you seem relaxed in obscurity
Your dance is always picture perfect
Magnanimous in a way my eyes just accept
Almond shaped eyes and a crown on your head
Magical, mystical oh what else can be said
Photography comes alive with you
A nature’s lover falls short of words too
An amazing voice truly amazing to be heard
Feels proud that you are our national bird !


Silence amidst nature

Silence is soulfully beautiful

Never mind if its somewhat mystical

Unspoken words flow from the eyes

As you just stand, stare and let out sighs

Soaking in the morning sunbeams

Or walking through lovely flower fields

You can truly connect with nature in a way

That words themselves have no say

Feel your soul relax in total peace

As unwanted thoughts in the mind cease

That silly smile on your face says it all

That being amidst nature…..

You, your soul and silence did have a ball !!


Death……why are you so painful

Mind boggling yet so very truthful

You come like a bolt out of the blue

And ensure your presence like sticky glue

You bring along tears like some flood

Flowing irrespective of race or blood

You cast silence and a pall of gloom

Your victim never knows the time of doom

Time stands still for those affected

For whom emotions are then truly dissected

Blank teary eyes wrench our hearts

Wish we could cheat you from the start

As we arrive so we go

In between is the real show

You are real and a real reality of life

The last destination after a life full of strife !

Precious childhood

Relive the innocence of a child

It does make you do things wild

Not a thing to worry in the world

You get to fuss on things new and old

Doing mad things is such fun

And nobody ever jumps their gun

So simple to unleash the innocence

In a world that just works on dominance

Oh how I wish I was a child again

To enjoy myself in a way with no pain

We can now only look at life their way

Once gone, childhood never again has a say!!


My heart smiles as I look at you

As your innocence is too good to be true

When I close my eyes in delight

I can still visualise you being so bright

Everywhere I just look around

You display silent beauty without a sound

I could spend hours with you doing nothing

Coz what you give me is truly worth everything

Just love the beautiful silence of you and me

A beautiful bond of affection it will always be

Bloom on O precious gift of the Almighty

In me is your admirer till the end of infinity !!!



Fall colours😍😍

Nature….your fall colours….



You deck yourself so beautifully

Even in time of adversity

You display your emotions colourfully

With so much grace and dignity

You keep us mesmerised with variety

The mind only wants more even in satiety

To just feel you in total silence

Is a small gift endowed on us by the Almighty

Wish we could be more like you O nature

Always giving with a heart full of enormity!