Best buddies…

The Moon & the Ocean….



The sky has its diamond

The Earth has liquid gold

Together they whisper tales

Worth being told and retold

One whispers and mesmerises

One speaks its mind and entices

Together they speak volumes

Which only a pure soul recognises

Whisper your secrets to one

Shout your problems to another

Together they give a solution

Coz buddies always stay put together

One appears & disappears as a friend

And one mutely explains real reality

Together they always

Showcase a tough life in totality !



With an air of pure innocence

And a mind full of simple substance

Beautiful simple souls they can be

Naughty, spirited like a spirit set free

For them everyday is like a butterfly

Finding happiness in all things they try

Believe in them to see their delight

Then they impress with hard work and might

Their love is a gift from the Lord himself

As He created her from a piece of Himself

They make life worth so much more

Being or having one delights you to the core !

Magnificence in the sky

Aurorae Borealis. …..


You use a palette of colours in the sky

On a drawing board up so very high

You mix and match patterns as you use

Colours to match your emotions so obtuse

Lifting, bending, stretching and levitating

You paint like there’s no hesitating

Watching your magnificence is sheer pleasure

Eyes await your designs even in small measure

None like you none to replace you

I know this for sure… O nature

Happy Arctic hearts must be happy with you !


In a hurry…

You always run around

Thinking to cover lost ground

Little blunders abound

When you are in a hurry….

You forget at least one thing

It could be valuable or just a bling

Even an alert mind loses its sting

When you are in a hurry….

You focus on things finishing

As time appears diminishing

No time for any daydreaming

When you are in a hurry….

Straight things don’t look straight

As your mind laughs that’s your trait

To confusion you sometimes fall a bait

When you are in a hurry……

Hurry teaches you things in flurry

Some sweet some like spicy curry

It teaches what you need to bury

When you really are in a hurry…..

An awesome Moon


When I look up soulfully at you

My soul finds itself residing in you


Are you real or just my imagination

So magnetic my mind has a hallucination


Whispering quiet whispers in the night

Equally quiet in the day to stay out of sight


My heart shares all secrets with you

As secrets really stay secrets with you


Talking to you is life’s best moment

As you listen but never comment


I could cry out my heart to you

As a dear friend u would understand too


The days you hide in darkness

Its dark even in total emptiness


My eyes await your vision as an arc

Like an angel tearing out from the dark


My emotions and loyalty are loyal to you

As you do with the universe too


What is it that binds me to you

That’s something I will never know too