The one & only…. 😊


साए सा साथ जब चले तू

दोस्ती की निराली पहचान लगे तू


अंधेरी रातें भी मुस्काए जब तू खिले

रातों की खामोशी मे ऐसी जान डाले तू


तू अंबर का सरताज करे दिलों पर राज

आँखें कैसे बंद कर लूँ तुझे देखे बिना आज


लगे तू जैसे मेरा हर सपना पूरा सा

न जिंदगी अधूरी या कोई ख्वाब अधूरा सा


कर दे रोशन मेरे गल्ली मोहल्लों को

और बुलंद मेरे सही इरादों को


करूँ बातें तुझसे तुझे बनाकर खास

तू सहमा सा न रहना कभी होकर उदास


साथ चलूँ तेरे बनकर तेरी जिंदगी की तस्वीर

दूर ही सही… तेरी मेरी दोस्ती है मीठी तकदीर  ॥








Busy life


No time to stand and stare

No…not even a minute to spare


A mad race is what’s life is today

With no emotions or feelings to display


Everyone’s busy like there’s no tomorrow

No time to drown in joys or even sorrows


Racing around every day is the norm

Completing tasks take a toll on your form


From jobs, hobbies, housework to a holiday

Time ensures nobody has much to say


Dreams have really become dreams

And you are like should I cry or scream


Little delights of life have taken a backseat

Getting one for yourself seems a real feat


From waking up to calling it a day at night

Time’s eating into time with no respite in sight


The Mirror


Laughing at you

Crying with you

Telling you all about you

A mirror stays true to you


Staying quiet

Having a mind of might

Telling what’s wrong or right

A mirror stays true to you


Looking into it each day

Your soul has its own say

Emotions ever on display

A mirror stays true to you


As wrinkles appear with age

Your skin flaunts new baggage

Finding you trapped in life’s cage

A mirror stays true to you


Over years things come things go

Life mocks watch it I told u so

Struggling with tears, truth and lies

You realise…

Only a mirror stays true to you!