The wind


Awesome element of nature

With no specific nomenclature


A force to reckon with

We are no good without it


Steady, smooth at times

If a gale, speaks its mind


Wandering along all terrains

Humanely gifts oxygen as gain


Infuses life through greens

For growth, shine and sheen


Stands its own trial on hot days

Blowing dry, making hay


Chills to the bone when cold

In winter, having a strong hold


Whistles away, happy in all conditions

Stays true, deserves a special mention !









The forest in the morning


In subtle sounds, silence abounds

Fog floats, in wavy slow rounds

Dewy fresh, leaves gleam in the sun

Soft to touch, growing with fun

Flowers bloom, beckoning bees

Nectar to carry, hives to fill on trees

Moist soil, soft earthy smell

Reassures life, like music from a bell

Wild air, flamboyantly flair

Breathe life, let out despair

Colourfest for eyes, like pure dreams

So mystical, you forget silly memes

Listen to whispers, beautifully true

Happy hearts, smiling faces too

Enjoy nature as she sings free

Her song, sung just for you and me !








None like nature


Listen to amazing nature

Her lessons are free

With her style and signature

She just leaves you with glee


In poigant silence

She resurrects wild

Learn only non violence

To exist in peace as a child


Hear her rhythm, her melodies

As she quietly flows through

Amazingly calm in difficulties

You wish you were this true


She’s a mirror of yourself

No greed.. no malice… no lies

Ask what hurts her ownself

Her answer to you will be just why’s ……


Nature & Me

Into the forest I wanna go

There exists peace so

Colours and life speak to me

And just let me be


Dirt tracks beckon my soul

To walk amidst the mist

Wild air to feel whole

To resurrect in a gist


Fragrances lilt my senses

To leave a smile on my face

Talking to nature and myself

Rejuvenates bad days


Just a backpack and oneself

Legs are a faith you see

Go solo, feel your own self

Nature heals you for free



Break time !


A road trip someplace to go

To soothe the nerves, to just let go


Glares on the eyes, the soul on a song

Wind in the hair, friends coming along


A hat on the head, a smile on the face

Unending jokes, no woes of working days


Grass under the feet, a dirt road to walk

Lots of laughter to share, lots to talk


Laptops put away, no emails to be read

No kitchen chores, its time to be fed !


Munching at highways, games by the road

Songs to pass time, stories to be told


Just a little break, just a little change

Boring routines, the soul feels strange !


Pack your bags, lets scoot somewhere

Any place, anywhere where the mind dares!



Apno ke liye


कुछ बिखरा है मेरे अंदर

क्यों जाना पहचाना सा लगता है

जाने कैसा नाता है तुझसे

दूर रहकर भी जुडा सा लगता है


सब कुछ है जीने के लिए

फिर खालीपन सा क्यों लगता है

जिन्हे हम वक्त न दे सके

उनसे नाता जुड़ा सा क्यों लगता है


यूँ तो कई अपने मिलेंगे भीड मे

अपनो के बीच चेहरे खोया सा क्यों लगता है

जिनके नाम से होते हैं आँखें नम

उनसे ही रिश्ता जुड़ा सा क्यों लगता हैं


ऐ दोस्त

कुछ बिखरा है मेरे अंदर

क्यों जाना पहचाना सा लगता हैं

जाने कैसा नाता है तुझसे

दूर रहकर भी जुडा सा लगता है  ।।




Magical nature

Nature looks awesome in any season

Making words flow without reason

From dusty paths to flowering slopes

Wilting, blooming life rekindles hopes

In icy smoothness or wet muddiness

The child in me plays in happiness

As the rustic wild wind whispers

Wild thoughts give my soul jitters

Be it colourful autumn or chirpy spring

Surprises are what nature brings

Cool is water and hot is fire

Two elements exist as nature’s ire

From silence to roaring madness

Nature speaks in fluent carelessness

From the sky to the earth

Nature’s beauty…truly has no dearth !!