Prison life

In a prison I stay

Nothing comes my way

Yet to see light of day

Is everyday a new day ?


Of dark cement walls

Gloomy visions

Scribbling in halls

Are mere illusions


Uniform clothes

Meagre food

Everything soul loathes

Wonder what’s good


No freedom to talk

Let alone a free walk

Staying in a little cell

As good as piece of hell


Writing myself out

In words galore

My hearing’s next

Life’s like a folklore


Will see light of day

When something comes my way

In a prison I stay

Till I see light of day..
















A night scene


The night envelops me

In shadows of black

Heartfelt emotions

Engage back to back


Talks with faint mist

Reveal true secrets

Vaporous soul breathes

Like sleeping egrets


A dull moon peeps

From curtains of grey

Hauntingly weeps

Not knowing what to say


Eyelids droop, sleep lures

Into tentacles of dreams

Mesmerising lullaby cures

In the moon’s velvet weaves





Smoke, traffic chaos in full glare

Mumbai, spare me some clean air


Garbage stinks, roads littered too

No one cares, apathy rules true


Of nullahs, drains, waterworks, lakes

Cleanliness here is often put at stake


Packed trains, roads never a blessing

Trust the BMC to always go digging


Journey to work, homecoming a task

I know why the trafficman wears a mask


Would like to breathe, lovely city of mine

Stop the din, create a place of sunshine


Put in order, discipline with a flair

O Mumbai, just spare me some clean air



Dry with thorns, not a face to please

Thick, tall or strong, oh facts do tease


Desert’s child, growing wild

Blooming once, while being mild


Sand its roots, the sun’s a friend

Moisture it traps, is pricky to no end


Arid zone’s darling, not one is the same

With unique shapes, it does get a fame


A poor man’s plant, no effort required

Plant it anywhere, grows as desired


Accurately unique in nature’s prospectus

A plant of all seasons.. yes that’s a Cactus !



Indian Summer !


Its hot as hell, summer’s at a peak

Energy levels low, little shade I seek


Cotton clothes on, comfort’s a priority

Music plugged in, being hip a popularity


Liquid needs arise, water’s precious, rare

Save every drop, be spared of despair


Save some for the birds, animals too

Thirst spares none, hunger’s so true


Tempers fly high, temperatures too

Sweat it out, the sun gloats, shouts boo


Sip ice candies, tuck in icecreams

Kitchen cooking, oh a cook could scream


Active and lazy kids, bright and dumb kids

Its all about kids, and being quizzed


Cool climes invite, vacations for all

A leisurely summer break beckons all !





Every bit of me & you


Every scene, a soulful song

Every colour, an emotion witheld long


Every sound, lyrics written by you

Every mood, so silently true


Every blossom, a choicest creation

Every bit of earth, yearns a new sensation


Every season, a new identity

Every bit of life, a unique entity


Every creation, a blessing of the Almighty

Every destruction, elements speak mighty


Every word of mine, dedicated, true

Every silent expression, shows your loyalty too




A friend remembers..



खुशनुमा गलियों में बजे एक धुन

आज भी यादें पुकारे यारा ज़रा सुन


अपनी यादें जैसे कोई पुरानी हवेली

खामोश, सिसकती जैसे कोई खास पहेली


किलकारियाँ दोस्ती की सुनाए हर दीवार

खिडकियों को कह दिया ले जा आर पार


खंडहरों मे गूँजे तेरी मीठी हंसी

हर ईंट हर पत्थर सुनाए अपनी बेबसी


याद है हर लफ्ज हर बात जो थी अपनी

उन्हे खुदसे अलग कर जान जली थी कितनी


याद है तेरा मन ही मन मुस्कुराना

न मिटा पाया वक्त तेरा दिलकश नज़राना


दोस्ती तेरी रहेगी सदा कुछ खास

तू कहीं आसपास है …. जिंदा है यह विशवास  ।।