Dry with thorns, not a face to please

Thick, tall or strong, oh facts do tease


Desert’s child, growing wild

Blooming once, while being mild


Sand its roots, the sun’s a friend

Moisture it traps, is pricky to no end


Arid zone’s darling, not one is the same

With unique shapes, it does get a fame


A poor man’s plant, no effort required

Plant it anywhere, grows as desired


Accurately unique in nature’s prospectus

A plant of all seasons.. yes that’s a Cactus !



Indian Summer !


Its hot as hell, summer’s at a peak

Energy levels low, little shade I seek


Cotton clothes on, comfort’s a priority

Music plugged in, being hip a popularity


Liquid needs arise, water’s precious, rare

Save every drop, be spared of despair


Save some for the birds, animals too

Thirst spares none, hunger’s so true


Tempers fly high, temperatures too

Sweat it out, the sun gloats, shouts boo


Sip ice candies, tuck in icecreams

Kitchen cooking, oh a cook could scream


Active and lazy kids, bright and dumb kids

Its all about kids, and being quizzed


Cool climes invite, vacations for all

A leisurely summer break beckons all !





Every bit of me & you


Every scene, a soulful song

Every colour, an emotion witheld long


Every sound, lyrics written by you

Every mood, so silently true


Every blossom, a choicest creation

Every bit of earth, yearns a new sensation


Every season, a new identity

Every bit of life, a unique entity


Every creation, a blessing of the Almighty

Every destruction, elements speak mighty


Every word of mine, dedicated, true

Every silent expression, shows your loyalty too




A friend remembers..



खुशनुमा गलियों में बजे एक धुन

आज भी यादें पुकारे यारा ज़रा सुन


अपनी यादें जैसे कोई पुरानी हवेली

खामोश, सिसकती जैसे कोई खास पहेली


किलकारियाँ दोस्ती की सुनाए हर दीवार

खिडकियों को कह दिया ले जा आर पार


खंडहरों मे गूँजे तेरी मीठी हंसी

हर ईंट हर पत्थर सुनाए अपनी बेबसी


याद है हर लफ्ज हर बात जो थी अपनी

उन्हे खुदसे अलग कर जान जली थी कितनी


याद है तेरा मन ही मन मुस्कुराना

न मिटा पाया वक्त तेरा दिलकश नज़राना


दोस्ती तेरी रहेगी सदा कुछ खास

तू कहीं आसपास है …. जिंदा है यह विशवास  ।।


Material world


It’s a stupid material world

Selfishness abounds, souls sold

On the forefront is own benefits

No care if others live life in bits

Lies are spoken with flair

Truth often laments in despair

No thought for people’s thoughts

Just runover, moveon like maggots

Money talks, in all forms

Flouting rules, a regular norm

Where’s the respect for women

When she creates new generations

No room for a little luxury

Taxes eat income creating misery

Sessions on positivity create mirages

Reality slaps, shutting in life’s cages

Grandpa’s life was too good to be true

Simple, real, original too

Too bad what the world is today

Just fakeness everywhere on display !




Innocent years ……



Eyes filled with wonder

Waiting to initiate a blunder

Mischief written all over the face

Only increasing with passing days

A mind filled with wild imaginations

Their questions cover all dimensions

Innocence that can’t be explained

Tugs at your heart till its drained

Little peals of laughter embrace you

Like angels raining good wishes true

Teach them good things in life

Watch them grow healthy, wise

Only next to the Lord in existence

A child can teach man truth, persistence !




The sky’s rangoli …..



The sky, just a dark blanket

Colourless, weaved in gems of crochet

Nothing was a surprise packet

Until you came along…..


Delightful colour streams

Beautiful, as in beautiful dreams

Lord’s drawing board was incomplete

Until you came along…..


Some high, some fluorescent, low

Some flat, flowing, as a river flow

Patterns never had many patterns

Until you came along…..


Mild summers, winters drab, cold

You put life into life, colourfully bold

O aurorae…arctic Iife never knew a song

Until you came along….